For the ideal luxury spa experience in Hong Kong, it's important to do your research well and sift through all you can find. Most often, the luxury spas in Hong Kong are based in five-star luxury hotels and resorts. Massage can relax the body, decrease blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress and depression. It may also provide symptomatic relief for acute and chronic conditions such as headache, facial pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. It re-aligns and rejuvenates, restoring balance to body and being, so you can take in your stride whatever life throws your way. It promotes digestion, joint mobility, muscle relaxation, relief of spasms and cramps. Comparing spas should be done on a service quality basis and not on how much a particular place costs to visit. While cost-effective treatment is necessary for someone on a fixed budget, if you limit your choices to a specific price range, you might not have many luxury spa options. The general price to be expected for a simple two-hour spa treatment is HK$1500. Majority of the spa packages in offer in luxury spas are aimed at the locals who are unwilling to part with sums more than that. Hong Kong massage professional massage Lower back massage 性用品成人用品情趣用品商店 adult sex toys shop